Lynx Products

Lynx Intercom Controller

The Lynx Controller is an enhanced, affordable and highly reliable exchange for connecting Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) intercoms, VoIP phones, VHF radios and analog phone gateways through a network. Through the analog phone gateways, the system can intelligently route calls to the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The revolutionary advances in the Lynx Controller include an imbedded design containing a fast powerful MCU with custom supporting software. The Controller allows local and remote connectivity between customer intercoms, personal cell phones, garage offices and command centers. The Controller has integration with the T.I.B.A parking server and can send rates, discounts, messages, equipment parameters, run macros and gate open all with reasons and logged for later reporting. The Controller can also perform PC screen popups and camera view changes on any event accepting NVR such as the OnSSi and Salient video systems.

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GateLED Board

The GateLED board is for controlling LED strip lighting on a gate arm. The board can use an independent power supply for correct power requirements of the LED strip and not void warranty of the gate. While the LED strip voltage may not match the gate controller voltage, the GateLED board still allows wet inputs from any source for operation.

The board is solid state and does not operate with relays which have a limited contact life. In case of LED strip damage, shorting the outputs will not damage the GateLED board. Utilizing an RGB strip, various color combinations can be acquired distinguishing gate positions. Complete installation kits available for Articulating and Straight gate arms.

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The Lynx EIPL is an Ethernet Input Pulse Logger. The EIPL in conjunction with the Lynx PL Software can send TIBA commands depending on the number of pulses the EIPL receives. This is useful on limited intercom systems that only have relays to perform actions on the TIBA parks system and do not have an interface.

The Pulse Logger system will allow an intercom operator to send rates, discounts, Park State messages, open gate, parameter changes and Macros to the TIBA Server though the Lynx-TIBA interface.

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Lynx Radio Interface

The Lynx Radio Interface allows connection and registration of VHF radios as a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) device. This document will cover wiring, configuration and operation of the Lynx Radio Interface.

Lynx Voice Module

The Lynx Voice Module Allows MP3 play for event driven outputs. The module can direct connect to TIBA devices which provide RS232 output signals or can play during a contact closure. MP3 sound files are stored on a micro SD card for easy programming and deployment.

Lynx Display Sender

The Lynx Display Sender application sends images and ads to Lynx Displays. Files used are PDF for the background image, GIF for animation and MP4 for video. The PDF should be in the size of 8.5” X 14” and can be created by Adobe or most Microsoft Office programs. In this document we will describe how to configure tasks and send options for dynamic rates in a TIBA system.

This application is designed to send display and rate configurations on timed and count events and additionally has the ability to control AD displays. The Pictures in this document are for reference and may not reflect your desired settings.

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Lynx Command Center Suite

The Lynx Command Center Suite is a collection of useful programs and services to allow program popup, remote connectivity, reports, intercom session recordings, camera stream popup and easy identification of sites that are to be controlled by a command center.