Barrier Gate Lighting Kits

LED Light Kits for Barrier Gate Arms

RevCon’s LED lighting kits are an affordable alternative designed to fit Magnetic Automation’s barrier gate boom arms. Once installed, the gate arm lighting can be configured to be one color when it is down, changes to a flashing second color when opening and turn to a third color when fully opened. The color scheme reverses sequentially when the boom arm closes. Our lighting strips are available for one or both sides of the boom arm.


• Long life RGB LED light strips
• Independent power supply
• Programmable interface board
• Optional foam safety sleeve for forcing arms


We supply you with all the materials, devices and complete step by step illustrated instructions to install these kits on new and existing barrier gate boom arms that have the slot on the bottom of the boom to accept the safety bumper foam.

Available as one or two sided kits in 10′ to 15′ for straight boom arms and 10′ and 12′ articulating boom arms. Also available are optional electronic sounders and forcing arm foam safety sleeves.

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