Protection Bollards & Covers

Protection Bollards and Covers

RevCon’s steel protection bollards are made to any diameter and height specifications. Floor plates are added for surface mount applications. The most popular diameters are 4″ and 6″. Customers may specify a rust preventive primer applied to the bollards prior to painting after installation but more commonly, plastic bollard sleeves are ordered to eliminate the need for painting.

Bollard covers are simple and easiest to install over concrete and steel bollards. Bollard covers enhance and protect the appearance of bumper post steel bollards in all indoor and outdoor applications. Constructed from 1/8″ thick Polyethylene (HDPE and LDPE) and reflective tape for durability and long service life, the covers are UV stable and guaranteed against fading and cracking for five years.

Our supplier stocks thousands of bollard covers in 11 standard colors, 8 standard sizes and 7 standard reflective tape combinations.

New decorative bollard covers are a great alternative to concrete, cast iron or stone bollards. They provide the same level of architectural elegance at a more affordable price. These decorative covers provide a dependable maintenance free covering that will fit a 10.75” steel pipe. The granite like finish is ideal for any location such as your municipality, office building or storefront and are available in 6 different colors.

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