Customer Service Enhancement Systems

RevCon will design and provide the full integration of audio and video systems for central command and call centers featuring products from Stentofon, Commend, Samsung, OnSSI, Lynx and others.

RevCon’s Customer Service Enhancement (CSE) System is designed to offer one of the most comprehensive hardware and software solutions for parking garage customer service enhancement, monitoring and remote control.

The System is built using Stentofon sound technology with added components to give the parking facility operator full duplex IP audio communication and optional visual surveillance at the garage office or command center for single or multi-site monitoring. Remote control events are stored for later retrieval and reporting. Video is captured and stored on the DVR. The optional handheld radios provide freedom for operations management to move freely within the facility and have remote communication and control of the facility’s PARCS equipment, call stations or other select devices.

Call stations and cameras located in stairwells, elevator lobbies or other strategic areas are used as a means of communication for customers. Patrons may obtain assistance from management or security personnel by depressing the call station button. The event is logged and signaled by the recorded voice from the system announcing from what location the call was initiated and causing the video of a camera associated with the call station to pop-up on the monitor.

The call is answered and reset by the System Command Center or remote handheld radio keypad. All events are logged and stored on the CSE Server. The System may also be configured to simultaneously or rollover to pre-programmed telephone numbers of customer assistance call centers or cell phones. The System is designed to operate in parallel with the Revenue and LPR Systems so the operator has full control of the event such as sending a rate to a payment station or exit terminal for payment before vending the barrier gate – all by remote control or keypad code.

Controllers can be installed in PARCS equipment to enable remote control, audio communication and trigger CCTV cameras attached to the system. These controllers are also used in connection with other devices to lock and unlock doors, vend barrier gates, interface with detection devices for door open, smoke, heat, water, etc. and trigger alarms. For more information visit Lynx Interface Controller.